Kali Linux Setup with Virtualbox ( Visual Expression )

How to Install Kali Linux? How to Install Kali Linux with Virtualbox? you can find the answers to such questions in this article. We have written Kali Linux installation, which is one of the simple challenges that individuals interested in cybersecurity and new entrors to cybersecurity may face, with step-by-step visual narration.

How to Download Kali Linux?

The link you need to download:


You can install the Kali Linux iso file on your computer for free by clicking on the link we have given above.

Kali Linux Download Stages

It is possible to download kali Linux by searching your browser for the link we gave above. With the Kali Linux 64-bit installer key, you can download the original version of kali Linux. Setting up other versions and deployments according to your preference will not differ during the setup phase. 

Kali Linux is a type of operating system. There are programs required to install this operating system. One of these programs is the virtual machine program Virtualbox. If Virtualbox is not installed on your computer, please click on the link below.

Please click here for VirtualBox InstallationS.


Kali Linux iso file size will average 4 Gb. After the necessary downloads are finished, we will have to run the Virtualbox program for our other operations.

Kali Linux Setup with Virtualbox

After running Virtualbox, you can 

After clicking “Machine”, click on the ” New ” box from the drop-down menu.

Short path of operations described at the top: Crtl + N

In the window we come across, we need to give our virtual machine a name. The name you give is not obligatory. We gave it as Kali_linux. As a version, we have selected Debian 64 bit. 

Pressing Next

In this window, we will define the Ram memory size for our virtual machine.

Pressing Next

In this window, after the selection of Ram, we make the hard drive selection of our virtual machine as VDI.

Pressing Next

In this section, the question posed to us is whether it can be expanded when the disk size we have allocated to our virtual machine is not sufficient. We will continue with the set as a variable option.

Pressing Next

After the selection phase of the hard disk type, it was time to determine the size of the hard disk. It is possible to define a memory according to your own experience and needs. We recommend that you do not fall below a minimum of 10 Gb.

Pressing Create

Kali Linux VirtualBox Installation Phase

All the choices we have made up to this stage are to determine the ram, HHD, and video card options of our virtual machine like a physical environment. Now it’s time to install it with the iso file we downloaded. 

We right-click on the kali_linux file we have created and select the settings option.

Here we choose the iso file that we downloaded with the Add option from the windows that appear against us.

After the necessary selection stage, we check that the ” Stuck to “ option ” is selected as ” NAT ” by clicking on the network settings on the left. With this scene, our virtual machine will take a different rope from our physical machine.

We Press OK

Linux Setup Settings

After the end of our previous operations, we run the kali program that we have set up to adjust the Linux Setup Settings.

With the Graphical Install option, we continue the installation phase together with the graphics interface.

Pressing Enter

We’re going to choose a language here. If you wish, you can leave the language option in English. We will continue with the Turkish selection.

Upon completion of the language selection, we use the Q or F option according to the keyboard model we use.

 Pre-installation begins with the Continue key.

We’re asked to name a machine on the screen we see. You can name him Kali.

We don’t have a domain name, so we press the continue button.


We press the resume key by selecting Use the entire disk.


We’re looking at the disk we just gave you. We continue by selecting this disk.


We continue by clicking yes from the confirmation screen.


We continue the installation with the continued button.


We click Yes

We continue by selecting the option.

With the Continue button, the installation process is completed and we see the home screen.

Now kali Linux operating system is ready for use through the virtualbox program. We can log in with the name and password we give.

We have successfully completed the Virtual Machine Kali Linux installation process for use in weak machine analysis and cybersecurity applications.

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