What is a Virtual Machine, How Does It Work?

What is a Virtual Machine, How Does It Work, How is it installed? You will be able to find the answers to questions such as what VirtualBox does in this article.

One of the most basic events that we will do with VirtualBox on our website will be kali Linux. You can find Kali Linux installation and virtual setup from the links below. 

What is a Virtual Machine? Why Is It Needed?

It is also worth knowing what it is to socialize virtualization applications ( Virtual BoxVmware Workstation is paid). Virtualization means being able to install computers with different operating systems within the computer. Imagine if you had a computer in your house. You want to install a Ubuntu or a Pardus or an older version of Windows inside this computer. However, you do not want to damage your existing operating system when installing this.


 Virtualization applications are a very easy solution to use in such situations. Imagine having an IIS presenter, you want to set up a Server, or you want to build virtual machines running services like this. Again, in this case, virtualization can be one of the things we will do.

Virtual machine Benefits

For example, you have an operating system that you downloaded from the Internet and you want to try it. For this, you will either perform this experiment on a separate computer. Or you’re going to install it on your own computer, which is if you don’t have a second computer, and we can do it with virtualization applications.

You create a virtualization environment inside your computer using special software, and we use 4 basic hardware of our computer from virtualization to virtualization, which is also the operating system you want to install and experiment within this virtualization environment:

· Cpu

· Ram

· Hard disk

· Ethernet kartıdır.

Virtual Environment Operating Principles

Think of it this way, you have one computer in your hand, and you can give 2 GB of 10 GB of ram with 10 GB of ram to the virtual machine that you create. Or you can connect and use your hard drive to a new virtual machine that you created 1 terabyte of it 500GB. In the same way, you can virtualize your ethernet card and processor, the important point here is this. The higher the features of the physical computer you are using, the more power you will have in virtualization and you will be able to build as many virtual machines.

If their physical equipment is low, naturally the number of machines you will virtualize will be limited to this. Is virtualization any different from digital machines? To be honest, it’s no different, but physically, we’re buying a computer. In the virtual environment, this limit puts physical machine characteristics on us. 

Where are virtual machines used?

You can do the same on virtual machines when communicating. In fact, we can do everything a real machine can do to you on your machines. Main uses:

· When trying the operating system, for example (Linux, Pardus, windows, etc.)

· When checking for suspicious software,

· To reduce the cost,

· When you want to run a platform-specific application

Browse to log in to cybersecurity apps!

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