Wifi Connection Problem

There are many contents that we can define as a wifi connection problem. Sometimes our computer or other devices cannot match the modem. There are a few actions you need to take in such cases. Thanks to this article, you can connect to your Wi-Fi device. You can send us any questions and other details you can think of in the comments section. 

Wifi Device Failures

Your Wifi device may not be defective, you are very likely to solve your problems with a few updates and small adjustment changes. Router devices are usually designed to serve for many years. Today, internet distribution companies have switched to the rental model instead of selling modem devices. If you have rented your modem, you may need to contact your internet provider. 

Wifi Not Working;

If your Wifi device, i.e. router, is not working, there are other reasons. You can find solutions to the most common problems thanks to the steps below. Since the solution methods given go from the simplest to the most difficult methods, we recommend that you read carefully the steps that will work for you.

Wifi Device Not On;

The power to your Wifi device may have been cut off, so if you’re using an extension cord, there’s a good chance there’s a problem with your cable. Another reason is that your Wifi device’s power button may be out. If you are not experiencing such errors or if your problem has not been solved, read the next step. If your device is powered by electricity, it usually lights up green or blue. 

Enable Wifi Deployment Features;

One of the most important problems of wifi connection problems is that it activates and deactivates wifi essence. Even if your device has power and internet, sometimes you may have trouble connecting to the internet because wifi is disabled. To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps. 

· Make sure your wireless connection is active.

· Make sure that the internet connection settings are active by entering the start section of your computer.

· View your network connection settings by typing network connection settings in the search bar section.

Make sure your Security Key and SSID settings are correct;

If the registered router devices in the Wifi connection list are more than one, you may be having internet problems because your computer is not connected to the modem with the correct SSID value. Make sure you don’t request another router. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to the Internet.

Make sure the Internet is working properly;

If you can connect to your Wi-Fi device but your Internet isn’t working properly, the problem may be with your Internet service, not your computer. To make sure there are no problems, check if the Internet connection is normal and if other devices (such as another computer, smartphone, or tablet) can connect to the Internet. If the Internet is running on another device, you can assume that the problem is on the computer.

Reset your Router and Modem;

It is not uncommon for a DSL modem, cable modem, or network router to experience problems that prevent one or more devices from connecting to the network. To verify that this is not a problem, disconnect the power behind the modem and router. After disconnecting, wait 10-15 seconds, and then reconnect the power supply. Wait a few minutes for the modem and router to reconnect to the Internet, and then test the Internet connection on your computer. If you’re still having trouble, try restarting your computer.

Disable the firewall;

Windows Firewall Installing multiple software firewalls on your computer can cause many network connectivity problems. We recommend that you temporarily disable all firewalls on your computer to help you verify that this is not a problem. disable the windows firewall or firewall that is included with any security program

Upload your Windows date settings to a previous date

Restore Windows to an earlier date. In some cases, incorrect software or settings may cause errors in your Wi-Fi adapter or problems with Windows’ access to the Internet.

Reinstall the wireless device and driver. Driver errors or wireless network problems are one of the most common reasons why you can’t see any Wi-Fi network or detect wireless network cards. Follow these steps to make sure that there is no problem with the driver.

Remove your device, Reset Your Wifi Card

You can find a solution to your internet problem by re-recognizing your wifi card through your Windows settings.

· In the Start section, type the Windows device manager, and then run it,

· To see all the devices in the window you open, point to Network adapters,

· Select your router or wifi name and click Edict device,

· After you remove the devices, restart your computer.

Reinstall the latest network drive;

Locate and download network drivers for your network adapter or computer. If possible, we recommend downloading the driver directly from the network adapter or the original page of the computer manufacturer (such as Dell, Hp, Samsung, or Asus). Open Windows Device Manager, and then click the network adapter to view all network devices in Device Manager. 

 Check your Wi-Fi or wireless network adapter, and then press delete on the keyboard to remove the device. If there is a check box to remove the driver, please check the box.

After you remove the device, close all open windows and install the downloaded driver. If the driver has an installer or executable file, run the file. Restart the computer and test the Internet connection to see if it works.

Relocate the wireless router or computer;

If your computer cannot receive a strong signal from the wireless router, it may cause connectivity problems. If you have a laptop, you can move it closer to the modem to determine if there are signal strength issues.

If you’re having signal strength issues, you can buy an access point for your home or office to ensure strong signals are available in all areas. Or you can try changing the African of your modem or router to reduce signal interference from wireless devices in your home or office.

Modem connection error resolution ;

If you’ve tried and failed to solve all the ways to resolve Wifi issues, you can specify your problems in the comments section. If all software resources are exhausted, your prompt may be hardware. You can resolve your problem by purchasing a new modem.

You also want to solve your internet connection problem in a temporary way;

You can read our article on how to connect the phone internet to a computer.

In this article, we explained the problem of computer wifi not seeing and wifi problem solutions with you. You can deliver all the contents you are curious about with us in the comments section.


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